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Religious Policy

School Policies

The Religious Policy of New West Secondary School is governed by Section 7 of the South African Schools Act No. 84 of 1996:

Subject to the Constitution and any applicable provincial law, religious observances may be conducted at a public school under rules issued by the governing body if such observances are conducted on an equitable basis and attendance at them by learners and members of staff is free and voluntary.

There will be no discrimination on religious grounds.
The religious views of all must be tolerated and respected.
There will be equal opportunity for all learners and educators to attend religious observances according to their faith.

Every assembly will commence with a universal prayer.
The curriculum makes provision for the teaching of the basic tenets of all religions.
Religious festivals and occasions will be observed by holding special assemblies or having speakers (preferably learners of the school) discuss the significance of such occasions at the school’s regular assembly.
Learners and staff of a particular religion will be allowed to celebrate a religious festival by remaining at home on the day of the occasion.
Where a large number of the learners and members of staff celebrate a particular occasion, an application will be made to the Regional Chief Director and/or Superintendent-General for school to be closed on that day, subject to Departmental rules and regulations governing such closure.
Muslim boys will be allowed to attend the daily congregational prayer at the mosque next to the school during the lunch break only, and the compulsory congregational prayer on Fridays from 12h20.

No learner will be disadvantaged or punished for missing tests or lessons due to attendance of religious observances.

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