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Admission Policy

School Policies

Residential Qualification
Boys and girls residing with their parents and legal guardians in the Newlands West area (starting at the corner of Inanda Road and Newlands West drive and bounded by Newlands West Drive, Castlehill Drive, Briardale Drive and Inanda Road to the aforementioned corner), and whose closest secondary school is New West Secondary School, will qualify for admission on the grounds of place of residence. Appropriate proof of residence will be required, e.g. electricity, water, rates or telephone accounts, Deed of Sale, etc. Pupils in Grade 7 in the three ‘feeder’ schools, viz. Briardale, Castle and Parkvale Primary Schools, who meet the above criteria will be given preference for admission into Grade 8.
Legal Guardianship
Legal guardians who are not biological parents of an applicant will need to provide a court order as proof of guardianship.
Admission of learners residing outside the demarcated zone
Children of employees of the school will qualify for admission to the school.
Learners and their parents who reside out of the area may be required to attend an interview with the Principal or a designated member of the School Management for the purposes of admission. It is expected that there will be a limited number of spaces for out-of-area learners. Such applications will be considered by the Admissions Committee comprising of the Principal and designated staff members (Admissions Committee). Acceptance will generally be based on academic results, potential for overall contribution to extra-curricular and co-curricular programmes (sporting, cultural and those linked with academic learning areas), proximity of residence to New West Secondary School, and regularity of attendance at previous school.
Additional preference will be given to applicants who have siblings at New West Secondary School, as well children of past pupils, who are living within the designated area.
Maximum Age Requirements
Grade 8:   Admission in the calendar year in which the learner turns 14 - 15 years of age.
Grade 9:   Admission in the calendar year in which the learner turns 15 - 16 years of age.
Grade 10: Admission in the calendar year in which the learner turns 16 - 17 years of age.
Grade 11: Admission in the calendar year in which the learner turns 17 - 18 years of age.
Grade 12: Admission into Grade 12 is not recommended and will be considered only
                under exceptional circumstances.

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